Customized Mould and Model making

Ashkan Part Afarin

Industrial mould making for Tableware and Sanitaryware

Design and Manufacture
Complicated moulds for your needs
High quality
Use of best available materials for mould making
6 monthes and 1000 plaster mould production

Ashkan Part at a glance

A creative company and novel results

Company policy and field of activity
Year of establishment of the company
May 2008
Mehran Ghaffari (Bachelor of Ceramic Materials Engineering 2019, Iran University of Science and Technology, Master of Ceramic Materials Engineering 2014, Iran University of Science and Technology, Ph.D. in Materials and Energy Research, 2014)
Briefed history of the founder
Participation in the installation and commissioning of the production line of the Mahdi porcelain factory in Yazd (1992 to 2002) and the design and manufacture of all Mahdi porcelain molds - participation in the design and implementation of the production line and commissioning of Eshtehard Mikhak porcelain (1995 to 2002) - participation in the restoration of Noor porcelain Co. in Khormadreh (2005-2006) - Making resin molds in a personal workshop from 1995 to 2008

company Services

All you have to do is provide us with a sketch, a sample or a prototype of the design you want.

  • ساخت مادرقالب های آلومینیومی چینی ظروف شامل ریخته گری دوغابی، جیگر، جولی، ریخته گری تحت فشار(Pressure casting)
  • ساخت مادر قالب های آلومینیومی و رزینی چینی بهداشتی
  • ساخت مدل های صفحه ای ریخته گری فلزات، قالب ماهیچه
  • تکثیر قالب گچی برای تولید انواع سرامیکها
  • ساخت قالب تولید سرامیک های مدرن به روش ژل کستینگ

some courses!

From the beginning to the end, we are responsible for designing and making the mold.

Important, dear customers

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